Text Box: Basel Zoo
Text Box: Washington wetlands and wildfowl
Text Box: Slimbridge wetlands and wildfowl
Text Box: Nature and Macro. 
Text Box: Birds of Prey, Beal, UK.
Text Box: Papiliorama, Kerenz 08 May 2007 Tropical Butterflies
Text Box: Vogel-Steinen Park 03rd May 2007. Mainly birds.

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Text Box: Album listing. To view an album, click the button to the left of the description. This will open the album, where you can navigate through the thumbnail pages. To view a picture large size, click on it, and again it will open in a new window.

Text Box: Macro bugs 06 2008. Some macro pics from the last couple of weeks
Text Box: Zurich Zoo May 2008. Various animals
Text Box: Goldau Animal Park 09 Feb 2008. Animals

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